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A new digital multimedia production system

A new digital multimedia production system

Lane Fabian-Jones A major advance in digital production

Lane Fabian Jones LTD was founded by the renowned David Lane and Michele Fabian-Jones. They have a world class pedigree in the creation and development of unique IPs and the production of family entertainment, serving an audience with 24/7 access via multimedia platforms.

We understand the importance of the new digital age, where audiences will be accessing their own entertainment via smartphones, laptops, tablets, streaming and the web. In addition to the traditional platforms of film and television.

This gives producers and networks immediate access to all multimedia platforms, allowing the properties to show a quicker return on investment through simultaneous exploitation producing multiple revenue streams.

The company was created by experts who have been making technical breakthroughs for decades:

  • David Lane directed the cult television series Thunderbirds in the ‘60s and directed the Thunderbirds feature films
  • David Lane is celebrated as the man who made Superman fly in the classic 1978 feature film
  • David Lane and Michele Fabian-Jones were the first director/producer team to use motion capture in a suite of ‘Dancing Car Commercials’ for Shell USA in the ‘90s
  • David Lane and Michele Fabian-Jones integrated CGI techniques with traditional film techniques in the year 2000
  • 2006 Whilst in production David Lane and Michele Fabian-Jones develop a high-speed pipeline system for producing CGI digital material for exploitation across every media.
  • 2009 added stereoscopic 3D production to their production pipeline

Michele Fabian-Jones

Michele Fabian-Jones

Michele is now one of the leading producers of stereoscopic 3D content in the world. She started her working life at  Polygram Records, before moving to MGM/UA, where she launched the company’s home video division. She subsequently worked extensively in the U.S., for companies such as George Lucas’s award-winning Industrial Light & Magic and R/Greenberg. Her credits include Muppet Treasure Island, Terry Gilliam’s Brothers Grimm, The New Captain Scarlet  and countless mixed media commercials. Michele has also established two major British studios and production pipelines to deliver international television series, films and brands such as Captain Scarlet, Spiderman and Adventures On Orsum Island.

David Lane
Creative Director

David Lane

David Lane is a legendary British film-maker with over 30 years success making films and television series for the family entertainment market, all of which have developed into globally recognized brands, these include Muppet Treasure Island, Thunderbirds, Space 1999 and Joe 90. He was voted into the cult TV Hall of Fame in 2007, his recognition for a lifetime of ground-breaking and celebrated work. David directed the early Thunderbirds TV shows and the feature films Thunderbirds are Go and Thunderbird 6, all of which featured pioneering special effects. Subsequently he directed the flying unit on Superman I, II, III, IIII and V, becoming celebrated as the man who made Superman fly. Between 2005 and 2009 he also directed Adventures on Orsum Island and the New Captain Scarlet.

All I Need to Make a Comedy is a Park, a Policeman and a Pretty Girl.

–Charlie Chaplin

What We DoA breakthrough in digital production

A new multimedia production system that produces digital feature film quality material for television budgets.

LFJ has developed a unique production pipeline process which delivers digital entertainment material for use across all media platforms currently distributing entertainment material. From IMAX to smart phones, theatrical to apps, television to games, with a quantum leap we can service all platforms from one set of digital assets.

The superior quality deliverables are produced in half the time, therefore making considerable cost savings on production budgets. All the digital entertainment properties produced by our system are immediately exploitable for use in: website creation, gaming, apps, 3D stereoscopic feature films, 2D feature films and publishing, both traditional and digital.

The LFJ production system was developed and used whilst making a TV series at Pinewood Shepperton studios in the UK.

A film is – or should be – more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later.

–Stanley Kubrick

The BenefitsOur unique production process reduces overall project  costs yet maintains hi resolution digital feature film quality.

In a nutshell the LFJ process has increased the speed, time and quality of each digital frame as it goes through the production process. This reduces multi-platform and interactive development costs.

The LFJ Production Process was used whilst making the Orsum Island TV series (right) filmed at Pinewood/Shepperton Studios during 2006-2008.

Research & Development

The LFJ ethos

LFJ believe that unless you have strong character lead stories, you do not have a solid vehicle to build successful content around. Another practice adopted by LFJ is the use of market research to connect at ground level with our audience the ultimate consumer.

IP & Content

Our extensive production experience has confirmed that all types of consumers want entertainment with strong stories and strong characters.

The only difference between today’s consumer and yesterday’s consumer is the way they access entertainment.

Families want access to digital entertainment 24/7. Not only through television and film but also through their mobiles, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles; sometimes using all devices simultaneously! 

Online entertainment through apps, gaming and interactive is part of their daily appetite.

There is a demand for engaging entertainment and content to service all multi-media platforms.

We make and develop content that address all these needs.


All material will be delivered using our unique production system.

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.

–Alfred Hitchcock


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No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.

–Ingmar Bergman